Student Representatives

Being the representatives of the student council, the student representatives are elected at the beginning of each semester at the plenary assembly of all physics students. These elected representatives meet regularly during the semester for public meetings, so that all students may take part and contribute their ideas.

Important tasks of the student council are, for example

  • dispatch of representatives to important committees of the faculty,
  • preparation and implementation of the freshman welcome, especially the freshman trip,
  • organization of various social events (Christmas party, game evenings, parties, etc.),
  • provision and collection of examination protocols as well as
  • problem solving in case of conflicts with lecturers.

Offices (SoSe 2021)

OfficeElected Representative
SpeakerLennart Ahrens
Martha Finke (deputy)
Financial OfficerKatharina Leitmann
TreasurerSimon Bohn
Friedrich Strube
IT OfficerJurek Völp
Hendrik Meinert (Assistent)
Moodle-AdministrationSumeja Burekovic
Maximilian Buthenhoff
Henri Cecatka
Jurek Völp
Patrick Walkowiak
DruidLennart Ahrens

Current Members (SoSe 2021)

  • Lennart Ahrens
  • Martha Finke
  • Philipp Beißner
  • Katharina Leitmann
  • Jurek Völp
  • Patrick Walkowiak
  • Jannik Gondolf
  • Alexander Schicke
  • Lisa Engler
  • Vivien Köhler
  • Elia Jüngling
  • Daniel Petrasch
  • Simon Bohn
  • Talha Demirci
  • Jule Kirschke
  • Emre Sitti
  • Karl Friedrich Strube
  • Henri Cecatka