Student Representatives

Being the representatives of the student council, the student representatives are elected at the beginning of each semester at the plenary assembly of all physics students. These elected representatives meet regularly during the semester for public meetings, so that all students may take part and contribute their ideas.

Important tasks of the student council are, for example

  • dispatch of representatives to important committees of the faculty,
  • preparation and implementation of the freshman welcome, especially the freshman trip,
  • organization of various social events (Christmas party, game evenings, parties, etc.),
  • provision and collection of examination protocols as well as
  • problem solving in case of conflicts with lecturers.

Offices (WiSe 2023/2024)

OfficeElected Representative
SpeakerNoah Eichhorn
Jaron Schönwitz (deputy)
Financial OfficerLeon Machunze
TreasurerAmanda Mischo
Maximilian Moczarski
IT OfficerLilly Engbrecht
Kevin Bouten (Assistent)
Amanda Mischo (Assistent)
Maximilian Moczarski (Assistent)
Jaron Schönwitz (Assistent)
Moodle-AdministrationLilly Engbrecht
Pascal Hollekamp
DruidNoah Eichhorn

Current Members (WiSe 23/24)

  • Kevin Bouten
  • Kira Burmester
  • Noah Eichhorn
  • Lilly Engbrecht
  • Pascal Hollekamp
  • Alexander Kazatsky
  • Philipp Kräling
  • Jasmina Mark
  • Leon Machunze
  • Amanda Mischo
  • Maximilian Moczarski
  • Wiktoria Pestka
  • Lars Petersen
  • Jaron Schönwitz
  • Hanna Schulteis