Advisory Services

The following advisory services may be useful to you. We have separated them thematically between physics-related advisory services, which are specifically intended for physics students, and general services for all students. All advisory services mentioned here are free of charge for students!

Physics-related Advisory Services

Study Advisory Service

Assigned to every study program of the faculty there is a study adviser. You may contact these people at any time with questions concerning your study program or problems during your studies. They are also responsible for the approval of additional modules that are not provided for in the module handbook as well as contact people for advice on stays abroad.

Study program Name Room eMail address

Bachelor of Science

Dr. Dirk Meyer NB 04/595

Bachelor of Arts

Teaching in Bachelor Dr. Rainer Wackermann NB 3/127
Master of Education
Master of Science Physics Dr. Ivonne Möller NB 02/172
Master of Science Medical Physics Dr. Florian Feldbauer NB 2/134
PhD Studies Dr. Ivonne Möller NB 02/172

Study Abroad

During your studies, you may take the opportunity to spend a semester abroad. In addition to some individual funding programs, the EU’s ERASMUS program is ideal for this. You can find more information on the website of the faculty or the International Office or contact your study adviser directly.


In order to facilitate the first semester of study, the Faculty of Mathematics offers the Helpdesk Mathematics and the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy the Helpdesk Physics. The helpdesks are a first offer of contact for subject-related questions, e.g. about lectures or exercises. The current office hours and further information can be found on the respective websites.

The Helpdesk Mathematics is an offer for non-subject (non-mathematical) students. It also offers courses in which basic mathematical skills can be practiced. When you visit, make sure that you find the right contact person for your course.

The Helpdesk Physics is an offer for physics students and addresses all modules of the basic course (1st – 4th semester). There you can ask all kinds of questions about the lecture or exercises (including homework).

General Advisory Services

Student Advice Centre (SAC)

The Student Advisory Centre is the first point of contact for any general advice. She covers many different areas and provides independent and confidential advice on all matters relating to your studies. Do you have doubts about your choice of study and don’t know what to do next, or do you have personal problems are affecting your studies? – then contact the SAC!

Psychological Study Counselling

The Psychological Study Counselling Service offers one-on-one interviews, open consultation hours or coaching on all personal issues that affect you or your studies. It supports you in difficult situations and personal crises. All offers are subject to therapeutic confidentiality. The counseling is not a substitute for outpatient psychotherapy for the treatment of mental health problems.

Consultation Services of the AStA

The AStA (Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss, General Student Comitee) offers several free of charge consultation services to students. The following gives a rough overview, you may find more information on the AStA website.




Trouble with BAföG applications and the BAföG office.

Life Counseling & Coaching

Challenges in life, work or study. Advice on conflicts, doubts about your studies, social connections, etc.

Legal Advice*

Legal issues, including examination, BAföG, tenancy, labor, family, registration, trade and tax law.

A subsequent legal representation is not provided!

Social Advice

Study financing, equipment for loan, payment of the semester fee and other social matters.

Advice for Students with Children

Financial support offers, special offers for students with children and bureaucratic matters.

*Advice is provided by professional lawyers.